Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Key Reasons to Join iLoveBOBs

Dr. Stephen Jones

ILoveBOBs is an innovative organization that recognizes the power of black businessmen working together. Every year black consumers purchase over a trillion dollars in products and services in American.  These dollars only stay in our community for a few minutes. It's time to take our destiny into our own hands. Building our own networks is one of the most powerful ways that we can begin to empower businesses to grow and employ people who reside in the black community. Here are 10 reasons why you should join:

1. Greatly expand your business network of black owned businesses 

2. Improve your education on how to have a successful business

3.  Increase your sales by exposing more people to your business 

4. Develop a network of advocates for your business

5. Get connected to a website that promotes black owned businesses 

6. Learn how to do business with the government 

7. Grow your small business to become a larger business

8. Get referrals from member of iloveBobs

9. Get advice from people who have years of business experience 

10. Get around positive people with a common goal to be a successful business

Now is the time to move forward and make a commitment to network wherever black businesses exist. We should never let a month go by where we forget to do business with a black owned business. It is great to witness what can happen when referrals are made and people follow up with more sales.  Join ilobeBOBES and watch your business to grow.